Does Mooberry Book Manager Work With WordPress 5.0 and Gutenburg?

WordPress 5.0 will be here any moment now. You may or not be aware that with WordPress 5.0 comes a completely different editing experience in WordPress.  The new editor is called Gutenburg, and it’s taking WordPress to the next level. It’s a big change, and sometimes change can be scary.  […]

Improved Affiliate Code Management in Mooberry Book Manager

Mooberry Book Manager has always allowed authors to use their own affiliate codes with their buy links. However, until now, the only way to use affiliate codes was to paste them in for each book. Since affiliate codes are assigned per retailer and not per book, it makes more sense […]

Kindle Live Preview Now Available for Mooberry Book Manager

Amazon has a new feature: Kindle Live Preview. This allows you to show a preview of a book on your website as if you were reading on a Kindle. Also included are buttons to share the preview and purchase the book. Check out how it works here:   If your […]

New Retailer Logo Images for Mooberry Book Manager

The retailer logo images included with Mooberry Book Manager can be large and bulky. A fellow author and user of Mooberry Book Manager has taken the time to create new retailer logo images that are all a uniform height and width, and shared them with me so I could include them […]

New! Book Grids Shortcodes for Mooberry Book Manager

Book Grids have been one of the core features of Mooberry Book Manager since the first version, and my goal in creating them has been to make it as easy as possible to list your books on your site however you want them. One of the most requested features for […]

Now Set a Custom Sort for Your Book Grids in Mooberry Book Manager

Book Grids have been one of the core features of Mooberry Book Manager since the first version. Several times, I’ve been asked to add a way to sort books in a Book Grid in a custom order, rather than based on date or title.  While I’ve listened to you request […]

Coming Soon: A Solution to a Common Problem Self-Publishers Face

The fourth and final Mooberry Book Manager extension that is launching this week is called MBM Retail Links Redirect. I have to admit, I’m pretty excited about this extension. I came up with the idea while helping a friend of mine launch her book. It’s a little different than the […]

Coming Soon: Additional Images for Mooberry Book Manager

In the previous two blog posts, I’ve talked about two extensions that are coming for Mooberry Book Manager: MBM Advanced Widgets and MBM Multi-Author. Today I’ll be showing you the third extension, MBM Additional Images. This plugin allows you to display additional images for a book beyond a single book cover, […]