Coming Soon: Multi-Author for Mooberry Book Manager

In the next few weeks, I’ll be releasing some extensions for Mooberry Book Manager. Extensions are plugins that extend the functionality of Mooberry Book Manager. You’ll need to have Mooberry Book Manager version 3.0 installed to use these add-on plugins.

One of these extensions is the long-awaited Multi-Author extension.

When I created Mooberry Book Manager, I designed it for a single author listing her books on her website.  After hearing from several users, I realized that the plugin could also be valuable for publishers, authors with multiple pen names, author groups, or for any other website that lists books by more than one author. The MBM Multi-Author plugin fills that need.


Adding Authors

MBM Multi-Author adds a new Author menu to your WordPress Dashboard. You add authors to your website the same way you add posts, pages, and books.

Screenshot of list of authors to add, delete, or edit

For each author, you can set the author’s name, email address, biography, photo, and social media websites.

Screenshot of form to enter author name, email, and bio

Screenshot of form to add author photo

Screenshot of form to enter author's social media websites


Assigning Authors to Books

Once your authors are added, you can update your books. Each book can have 0, 1, or more authors.

Screenshot of form to add authors to boos with checkboxes

When you view the book page, the author will now be listed under the subtitle, and there will be an About the Author section at the bottom of the page.

Screenshot of book page showing Author name and About the Author section at the bottom

Author Profile Page

Every author will have a profile page that includes their name, photo, bio, social media links, and their books.

Screenshot of author page showing author name, photo, bio, social media websites, and book covers


A new widget is included with MBM Multi-Author. It will display the author’s photo and bio. You have the option for hiding the Author widget on book pages to avoid confusion. (Having the Author widget for an author that didn’t write the book you’re viewing would be odd.)

Screen shot of widget form showing author selection and checkbox to hide on book pages

How the widget looks on the site:

Screenshot of widget display showing author photo and bio


Options for filtering, grouping, and sorting by author have been added to the book grids. These options work the same way as filtering or grouping by genre, etc.

Filtering and Grouping:

Screenshot showing author added to filtering and grouping options for book grids


Screenshot of sorting options for author, ascending or descending

An example of a grid that is grouped by author:

Screenshot of book grid with books separated by author name

Thanks to My Testers!

Big thanks to my testers for helping to shape MBM Multi-Author version 1.0 into what it is today. I’m excited to see how this plugin grows once more people have had a chance to use it.

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