Does Mooberry Book Manager Work With WordPress 5.0 and Gutenburg?

WordPress 5.0 will be here any moment now. You may or not be aware that with WordPress 5.0 comes a completely different editing experience in WordPress.  The new editor is called Gutenburg, and it’s taking WordPress to the next level.

It’s a big change, and sometimes change can be scary.  There’s a lot out on the internet about Gutenburg (more than you ever wanted to know, probably), so this post is just going to focus on how Mooberry Book Manager and its extensions, as well as Mooberry Story, are affected by the WordPress 5.0 release.

99% of Mooberry Book Manager, the extensions, and Mooberry Story will work exactly the same in WordPress 5.0 as it does in previous versions.

Great news, right?

But what about that 1%?  Have no worries, because I’m going to walk you through the changes right now.

Mooberry Book Manager

Everything will look and work the same, with the exception of adding a Book Grid to a page (or post, etc.)  You’ll create the Book Grid exactly the same way. You can even still preview the Book Grid the same way.

But when you are ready to put that Book Grid onto a page, here’s what you need to do with Gutenburg:

  1. Open the Book Grid you want to add to the page.  Notice the shortcode on the right-hand side?  Make sure you select that code and copy it to your clipboard.
  2. Now edit the page you want to display the Book Grid on.
  3. Click on the + to create a new block on the page. Search for shortcode and then click on the Shortcode widget.
  4. Paste in the code that you copied from the Book Grid page
  5. Save your page and that’s it!

Mooberry Story

Everything works exactly the same for Mooberry Story, however it just looks a little different when you want to add a post to a story.

Instead of the Mooberry Story settings being in their own box, now they are simply displayed underneath the content editor:

That’s it!

What’s Next?

Right now we were just focused on making sure all of the Mooberry Dreams plugins work as expected in WordPress 5.0 and Gutenburg.  As we get more comfortable with Gutenburg, we hope to add some new features to make Mooberry Book Manager even easier to use, such as simplifying the way Book Grids are added to pages.

Stay tuned!

Questions? Concerns? Issues?

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