Import from CSV, Publisher Pages, and more!   Recently updated !

Several new features have just been added to Mooberry Book Manager and Custom Fields!

Import from CSV

Finally, an easier way to load lots of books into your website!

You can now set up a CSV (comma-separated values) file with all your book data and import it into your website. The easiest way to create a CSV file is with a spreadsheet program such as Excel, Numbers, or Google Sheets.

The CSV file must be formatted specifically so that Mooberry Book Manager can read it properly. You can download a template file to help you get started:

You’ll want to read over this help page carefully to understand how to enter your data into your CSV file.

All of your book data can be exported to a CSV file as well. This will be useful to copy/move your books from one site to another, or if you just want to download a copy of your books for a back up.

The Custom Fields (version 1.6) and Multi-Author (version 1.43) extensions have been updated to import/export with CSV files as well. Details are in the linked help page.

Publisher Pages

The way publishers are entered in Mooberry Book Manager has changed. As of version 4.14, publishers are no long part of the Mooberry Book Manager Settings menu. They have their own menu item like books and book grids:

When Mooberry Book Manager updates to version 4.14, your existing publishers will be migrated to this format with no work on your part.

With this change, each publisher now has a page on your site. As of version 4.14, the publisher link on a book page goes to this new page, instead of the publisher’s website. The publisher’s website is linked on this new page, as well as displaying the logo and a book grid of the books linked to the publisher.

Custom Publisher Fields

If you have the Custom Fields extension and update to version 1.6, you can now create custom publisher fields, just like custom book fields:

The fields will be added to the publisher edit page:

And displayed on the publisher page:

Custom Edition Fields

Another addition to the Custom Fields extension with version 1.6 is the ability to create custom fields for book editions:

These fields are added to each edition on the book edit page:

And displayed on the book page in the editions section:


I hope you find these updates useful!

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