Nine Retailers Added to Mooberry Book Manager

Version 1.3.2 of Mooberry Book Manager is now available.

A free WordPress plugin, Mooberry Book Manager allows you to create beautiful pages for your books in just a few minutes.


What’s New in Mooberry Book Manager

This updates adds nine retailers that can be used to create links to the websites selling your books. The retailers added are:

  • Audible
  • Book Baby
  • Books A Million
  • Create Space
  • Indie Bound
  • Powell’s
  • Scribd
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Barnes and Noble Nook

We included Kindle and Nook so that you could link to the print edition and the e-book edition separately, if you choose. (The logos are different than the Amazon and Barnes and Noble images.)

Example of all fourteen retailers displayed on a book page:

Mooberry Book Manager -- example of all retailers
Remember that you can add unlimited retailers by clicking on Settings -> Book Manager in your WordPress Dashboard. We’ve included these nine additional, popular retailers as a convenience for you.


WordPress 4.2.1 — Security Update

WordPress released an update to 4.2 last week. Today, they’ve released version 4.2.1 which plugs a security hole.

Mooberry Book Manager works with WordPress 4.2.1 just fine. Please don’t neglect to update WordPress; you’ll leave your website vulnerable. This is a critical security release.

Update WordPress in your Dashboad by clicking on Dashboard -> Updates.

Update Mooberry Book Manager in your Dashboard by clicking on Plugins -> Installed Plugins and scrolling down to find Mooberry Book Manager in the list.

Other Retailers?

Although you can as many retailers as you need, having them pre-installed with Mooberry Book Manager saves you time.

Are there any other retailers you think should be installed with Mooberry Book Manager? Who do you sell your books through?

Let us know in the comments!

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