Mooberry Story

Posting stories on your blog is a great way to build your platform, but it can be difficult for your readers to follow along. Readers that discover your blog after you’ve posted several chapters can have an especially difficult time finding all the chapters and navigating them in order.

Mooberry Story solves this problem by allowing you to easily group your chapters under one story, in order, and bring those stories to your readers’ attention.


screenshot of Mooberry Story Edit Story screen

  • Stories are added to your blog from a menu called Stories
  • Several options let you customize each story
  • Each story can have a summary and cover image
  • Each story can be organized into series or genres
  • Add as many stories as you can write
  • Chapters can be re-ordered from this page

Table of Contents Page

screenshot of Mooberry Story Table of Contents

  • Every story gets a Table of Contents page
  • Includes:
    • Title
    • Cover image
    • Summary
    • Ordered list of chapters


Screenshot of Mooberry Story adding chapters to story

  • Post your chapters as a blog post like always
  • Choose what story the chapter belongs to
  • By default, the chapter is added to the end of the story
  • Chapters can be re-ordered on the Story page.

Chapter Navigation

Screenshot of Mooberry Story Chapter Navigation

  • Navigation appears on top and bottom of every chapter
  • Each chapter includes navigation to:
    • Previous chapter
    • Table of Contents
    • Next Chapter


Screenshot of Mooberry Story Widgets

  • Includes two widgets so you can┬ádirect your readers’ attention to your stories
  • Stories widget:
    • Displays a list of stories on the blog
    • Choose to display all stories, completed stories, incomplete stories, most recently updated story, stories in a series, or stories in a genre
  • Chapters widget:
    • Displays a list of chapters in a specific story
    • Choose to display all chapters or only the most recent one

How to Get Mooberry Story

Mooberry Story is a free WordPress plugin that is exclusively available to Mooberry Dreams mailing list subscribers.
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