New Retailer Logo Images for Mooberry Book Manager

The retailer logo images included with Mooberry Book Manager can be large and bulky. A fellow author and user of Mooberry Book Manager has taken the time to create new retailer logo images that are all a uniform height and width, and shared them with me so I could include them […]

What’s New in Mooberry Book Manager 3.0

On the eve of Mooberry Book Manager’s 1st birthday comes the update to Mooberry Book Manager 3.0! This post quickly reviews the changes and new features in Mooberry Book Manager 3.0 for those users already familiar with Mooberry Book Manager. Download the full version 3.0 manual to learn about these features in more […]

New Responsive Design in Mooberry Book Manager v2.0 (and more!)

Version 2.0 of Mooberry Book Manager is now available. A free WordPress plugin, Mooberry Book Manager allows you to create beautiful pages for your books in just a few minutes.   What’s New in Mooberry Book Manager Version 2.0 brings several changes to Mooberry Book Manager, some big and some small. […]

Announcing Mooberry Book Manager!

Mooberry Dreams is pleased to announce the release of Mooberry Book Manager, a free WordPress plugin written for authors by an author. In today’s world, you need a website. But hiring a professional to do it for you is expensive, and doing it yourself is complicated and time-consuming. Mooberry Book Manager is […]